St. Paul FSC Adult Academy Classes

We are thrilled to be able to offer an Adult Academy class for our adult skaters!


Our small group lesson sizes will be extremely limited with a maximum of five skaters per coach. Skaters will have 45 minutes of supervised instruction, followed by 15 minutes of practice time. All ice costs and coaching fees are included in the registration fee.

Summer Adult Academy Class Days/Times: 

Adult Academy Freeskate -Thursday mornings (not 6/30)

  • 7:30-7:50 am: warm up and off-ice exercises (optional)

  • 8:00-9:00 am: 45 min class plus 15 min practice


This class is designed for adults (18+) that would like to continue working on freeskate elements such as jumps and spins in addition to edges. All levels are welcome! Topics we will explore: connecting elements together to skate a program, strengthening edge quality and speed, faster and longer spins, and higher jumps.


Adult Academy Edge - Tuesday Evenings (not 6/28)

  • 5:00-6:00 pm: 45min class plus 15min practice

  • 6:15-6:35 pm: cool down and stretch (optional)


This class is designed for adults (18+) to strengthen the foundation of ice skating: edges! All levels are welcome! Topics we will explore: power, balance, moves in the field, ice dance, spin and jump drills.


Registration is through Entryeeze. You can register here.

You will need to create an account (if you don’t have one already) and enter either a USFS or LTS membership number. If you have any questions, please email us at, and our St. Paul FSC Academy Administrator, Natalie Fowler, can assist you.


All Adult Academy participants must have a valid USFS membership to participate. A USFS Learn To Skate level membership will suffice and can be obtained online for a fee of $16. Visit the following link to register: 


Private Lessons:

Private lessons are available for our adult skaters. A skater taking private lessons at the St. Paul FSC MUST have a valid St. Paul FSC membership and will be required to pay for their ice costs (in advance). All coaching fees will be billed separately. For more information, please contact our Program Director for Adult Skaters, Holly Anderson.