Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee


The role of the Advisory Committee is to serve as a liaison between the Club’s Board of Directors and the membership. The Advisory Committee assists the Board of Directors by making recommendations to the board on behalf of all skaters, parents and club members. They also assist in developing events and programs relevant to the Club’s improvement and overall success.


The Advisory Committee works to promote a positive environment, teamwork, cooperation and membership participation.  Suggestions from members are collected throughout the year and addressed at regular committee meetings. The Advisory Committee reports to the Board of Directors at the monthly Board of Directors meetings. 


The Advisory Committee includes:

  • Charlyn McDanold - Chair

  • Lynn Branch

  • Lee Gardner

  • Kristen Goehler

  • Dana Lossing

  • Cheryl Marker-Schmidt

  • Anne McGuire

  • Kelly Schnell

  • Jewel Shoberg


Feel free to contact any of the Advisory Committee members with questions or suggestions.

Primary Location:


Pleasant Arena

848 Pleasant Ave

Saint Paul, MN 55102

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