Buying Ice


The SPFSC requires that all members and non-members pre-purchase their ice prior to skating.



Non-Club Members are welcome to skate at Pleasant Arena and purchase ice at the walk-on rate, provided they have a valid USFS or ISI membership. All skaters must register and purchase ice credits in advance. To create an account and purchase ice, click on the “Buy Ice Credits” tap at the top of this website.


Non-members are still expected to comply with the requirements for leveled sessions. Click HERE to view the schedule showing leveled sessions and ice resurface schedules. Non-members must comply with posted rink rules regarding rink and traffic flow.


All skaters must sign-in to their session at the skater’s entrance to the ice. Please see an ice monitor or posted rules if you have any questions.


Walk-On Prices:

15 minutes: $6

30 minutes: $12

45 minutes: $18

60 minutes: $24


SPFSC Club Members:

Our SPFSC Club Members are eligible to purchase one of our many different ice packages. For more information on becoming a member of the SPFSC, please visit our membership page HERE.


Please notice that packages prices reflect peak or off-peak rates. Skaters who skate before 2:50pm are eligible to purchase the off-peak packages. Any skater skating after 2:50pm or on Saturday, should purchase the peak packages.


School Year Ice packages:

Please note: ALL ICE PURCHASES EXPIRE AFTER 90 DAYS or June 5, 2020 (whichever comes first).



Off-Peak (7am to 2:50pm M-F)

10 hours = $143

20 hours = $279

30 hours = $410

50 hours = $682



Peak (2:50pm– 6:30pm M-F; and all day Saturday)

10 hours = $190

20 hours = $372

30 hours = $584

50 hours = $982

100 hours = $1818*

*A 90 day payment plan is available for the purchase of 100 hours or more.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do I do if I want to pay and there isn’t a rink monitor available?


A: There are posted instructions at the sign-in desk. You can pay at the desk with cash or check, but please login to your account to use a credit card. Our ice monitors are not allowed to charge credit cards on file unless you are standing there to give your approval.


Q: I forgot to pay for my ice session, what happens next?


A: We require all of our skaters to pay in advance for their ice sessions. But we understand life happens. Please remember that we are operating entirely with volunteers. It takes an incredible amount of volunteer labor to go back and close out unpaid sessions. When this happens, the ice monitors DO NOT charge your card on file. Instead, the session is closed out “on account” meaning that your account will now have a negative balance. This process takes a few days. Please login to your account. If there is a negative balance, please pay it. If there is not a negative balance, and you know that you forgot to pay, please purchase the appropriate amount of ice to cover the missed session.


Q: I received an email showing an ice purchase for a day my skater didn’t skate?


A: If your skater skates without credits, we have to close out the session “on account”. If you receive an email showing that your session was purchased “on account”, the date reflects the day the session was closed out, not necessarily the day skated.


Q: Will I get a reminder to buy more credits if I run out of my purchased package?


A: As a courtesy, we try our best to remind you when your ice credit balance is running low. But we are staffed entirely by volunteers and can’t always get to it. PLEASE keep track of your ice credits and purchase more when you are running low. It only takes a second to login to check, or ask an ice monitor when you are at the rink.