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Coon Rapids Stars

Stars Edge Class at Coon Rapids Ice Center is offered at a St. Paul FSC affiliated rink in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. It is designed to introduce US Figure Skating to Learn to Skate USA members as well as teach skills that will help skaters become gold test medalists.

Stars Edge Class Description

This is a 45 minute on ice class held Mondays, 4:45-5:30 pm at Coon Rapids Ice Center. The class is primarily an edge class. The edge portion is intended to teach skaters edge control, proper body alignment, and balance and flow through the various turns. A small amount of time is dedicated to freestyle elements (jump exercises, gliding moves, and spins) appropriate to the skater’s ability. This gives skaters a chance to work on a broader variety of elements than in the standard free skate class. This class makes a great addition to the regular class program and is recommended for all skaters who have passed Free Skate 1 (summer only), or with CRIC Director approval. There are no credits given or make-up sessions available for missed classes.


The Stars Edge Class is often divided into three groups based on the skater's edge ability. Rising Stars (completed Free Skate 1 in summer with mastery of all basic edges and turns), Starlights (mastery of basic edges and turns, basic steps plus rockers, Choctaws, brackets), Shooting Stars (mastery of basic steps, rockers, Choctaws, brackets and knowledge of advanced steps, all turns, twizzles, and loops). These are general guidelines only. Skaters will be evaluated by the instructors and placed in appropriate groups each week. All Stars Edge class participants must be members of the St. Paul FSC. See membership options below. Registrations will not be accepted without a current membership.


Stars Edge Class Schedule

Fall 2022 Contract: September 17- November 5

Registration is now open on EntryEeze.


St. Paul FSC Membership

Skaters must be members of the St. Paul Figure Skating Club in order to contract for club sessions or to buy random Stars Edge Classes at CRIC. An annual club introductory membership is available for $65. This is for skaters who have not passed the Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field test. This membership entitles the skater to participate in the Stars Edge Class, test, and compete in the Test Track or Introductory programs. There are other membership options. A junior membership ($115) entitles the member to purchase sessions at Pleasant Ice Arena in St. Paul, take Pre-Preliminary tests, and compete in Test Track events. A Senior Club membership ($160) is for skaters who have already passed the USFS Pre-Preliminary MIF test. Additional family members living in the same household can become members for $80.00. All St. Paul memberships must be purchased through EntryEezeThere are other membership options on the website including Associate memberships for those who already have a home club other than SPFSC.


Coaches Teaching on Stars Ice

All coaches wishing to teach on St. Paul FSC Stars ice must submit the SPFSC Coach Registration to the SPFSC Director, Benjamin Miller Reisman, for approval. Coaches must register with US Figure Skating, successfully complete a background check, provide proof of liability insurance, SkateSafe (formerly SafeSport) training, and continuing education CER. The USFS Risk Management Committee has advised that steps need to be taken to minimize liability exposure. One of the most common areas for liability in recent years has been failure on the part of the club the adequately review coaches. On SPFSC ice, skaters purchase the ice from the Club and then purchase lesson time from an instructor qualified to teach on Club ice. As a service to our members, the Club, through the CRIC director, has located the most qualified instructors available to teach the Stars Edge Class. To make it more convenient for our members, the Club has included the fee charged by those instructors in the cost of the session and the Club will pay the instructors for you.


ICE SHOW: Stars Edge Number

There will be a Stars Edge number in next year’s Spring Ice Show and the St. Paul FSC show. To be eligible for this show number, skaters must contract for the Fall, Winter 1, and Winter 2 sessions of the Stars Edge Class or three sessions. Skaters are responsible for the cost of the costume. More information will be available in December.


Tips for Success

  • Dress Warmly: Saturday mornings in the winter can be cold. Please dress warmly in layers. A warmer jacket can be removed after the initial warm up. A second pair of dry gloves can be helpful too.

  • Proper Apparel: All skaters need to wear a skating dress/skirt with tights or athletic leggings. A sweater or sweatshirt may be worn providing it is not too baggy. No hoodies please. If you need skating apparel, a list of sources is available.

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