​All ice is purchased through Mind Body.  Save this link for future reference: SPFSC Mind Body.  Please note the following restrictions:

  • Purchases must be made from a PC or laptop, not a mobile device

  • Ice must be purchased prior to skating, preferably the weekend before.  Exceptions are monthly passes and the 40-hour monthly package



1. Login to Mind Body using the link for St. Paul FSC: SPFSC Mind Body.  If you do not have an account, create one on the landing page

2. Once you log in, you will see a screen similar to the one below:





















​3. Click on the "PURCH & SCHED SCHOOL YR ICE" tab at the top left side of the screen, shown below:








4. You will be taken to the screen below.  Note that the visual grid is not reliable for ice availability.  








​5. Next, click on the "Freestyle Sessions" button at the top right of the screen, shown below:




6. You will receive the screen below:






7. You may or may not have content in the “Recent Appointments” which will allow you to click on "Find more of these".  This will vary by account, so follow the steps below to book the ice you need.


8. Review the list labeled “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?” shown below. Click the radio button next to the ice you wish to purchase.  These instructions use ‘School Year 1 hr Off Pk Pod’ as an example.

9. After clicking the radio button, Mind Body will take you to the screen below:


















10. Adjust the “When?” area to reflect what you need.  Given our ice structure, you will want to Select a date range and Select a time range to choose your own date and time.  Below is an example:


11. After completing your date and time selection, click "Search"


12. You will receive a similar screen to the one below, listing an available session:








13. Confirm that the session listed is what you want, then click "Book"


14. You will get a screen similar to the following:





















15. Click on "Book Appointment".


16. You will receive the screen below:


17. Click anywhere on the bar listing the item you’re purchasing:




18. The shopping cart will be presented next:












19. You can click on "Continue Shopping" which will take you to the screen in step 4, above, or click on "Check Out" to pay for your ice


The steps outlined above will ensure that you can buy and schedule the ice you need.  If you are unable to find available ice, purchase the correct duration and type (peak vs. off-peak) nearest to the desired time.

step 8.png
Step 9.png
Step 10.png
Step 12.png
Step 14.png
Step 16.png
step 17.png
step 18.png

St. Paul FSC Ice Buying