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Buy Ice Credits

School Year Ice Credits - Fall and Winter 2018-2019


Buying Ice Credits for the school year will be very flexible and easy! Buy credits during the school year as often as you need them. All school year credits will expire 90 days after purchase so buy as many as you need for a 90 day period or less. You can buy credits as often as you need and whenever you need. During the school year we will not be offering payment plans (we will offer payment plans for summer session), as ice credits may be purchased by the month or as often as you like.


School Year Ice Credits Pricing

7:30 am - 3:00 pm
OFF PEAK  (OFF PEAK or PEAK credits may be used)
9:00 am -1:50 pm Monthly Daytime Pass (OFF PEAK, DAYTIME PASS, or PEAK credits may be used)
3:00 pm - End of Day PEAK (PEAK credits only)

  PEAK (PEAK credits only)

Off Peak Ice Pricing (Fall - Winter 2018-2019)

Ice Package Price Hourly Rate
10 hours $143.00 $14.30
20 hours $279.00 $13.95
30 hours $410.00 $13.67
40 hours $546.00 $13.65
50 hours $682.00 $13.64
Walk On (Single Session) $23.00

Peak Ice Pricing (Fall - Winter 2018-2019)

Ice Package Price Hourly Rate
10 hours $190.00 $19.00
20 hours $372.00 $18.60
30 hours $548.00 $18.27
40 hours $729.00 $18.23
50 hours $910.00 $18.20
60 hours $1091.00 $18.19
Walk On (Single Session) $23.00

Monthly Daytime Pass

Unlimited Use M-F 9:00 a.m. - 1:50 p.m. - $284/Month


Purchase Ice Credits for Freestyle and Private Lesson Ice - School Year 2018-2019

You must be a SPFSC Home Club or Associate Club member to purchase and Ice Credit package. Non-club USFS and ISI members may purchase ice at the Walk On rate.

School Year Ice Schedule

Using the SPFSC Ice Buying System


  • Create an account for your skater. All skater who skate on SPFSC ice must create an ice buying account. Use your skater's contact info for creating your new account. Parents should list themselves in the Emergency Contact area and the Billing area.
  • Buy an Ice Credit Package. You must be a SPFSC Home Club or Associate Member to purchase an ice credit package. Non-club members who are USFS or ISI members may purchase ice at the walk on rate. You may purchase an ice credit package at any time during the school year. School Year credits expire 90 days after purchase.
  • Flexibility. The new system allows you the flexibility to use your ice credits on any session designated for the ice credits you have purchased (PEAK or OFF PEAK). So if your skater misses a day due to illness you can use your credits to make up the session on a different day.
  • Credits Expire. All School Year Ice Credits will expire on June 9 (even if they were purchased less than 90 days prior to the end of the School Year Session).   No refunds or exchanges will be given on unused credits. Credits may not be transferred or used by another skater (unless the skaters are family members and their accounts have been linked by an administrator or ice monitor).
  • Installments. We will not be offering Installment Packages during the school year as ice credits may be purchased on an ongoing basis and there are no volume discounts offered. Installment Packages will be offered for Summer Ice Credits.
  • Registering or reserving specific ice times. It is not necessary to sign up for specific ice times. You will be checked into a session by the ice monitor when you arrive at the rink. Check the schedule to make sure you qualify to skate on the session. Most sessions are beginner and up but not all. Your skater will not be allowed on a session they do not qualify for (most sessions allow for skater two levels below to skate on the session during a private lesson - excluding High Performance Sessions). Check with your coach if you are not sure which session your skater is qualified to skate on.
  • Siblings/Family Members. Family members may share ice packages. However an administrator needs to set up family accounts and link them initially. You then may use the system for purchases on your own.
  • Buy Online or Buy at the Rink. It's easiest to log onto your account and buy your ice credit packages from home, however Ice Monitors can sell ice packages at the rink. You may pay by check or credit card for ice packages purchased from the ice monitor at the rink.
  • Your account. You may monitor your session credit balance in the "My Info" section of the ice buying site. Click on "My account" to see how many credits you have used and how many you have remaining. The way the ice buying system is set up, it is possible to accumulate stray credits. If you are near to the end of your ice credit package and have purchased a new package the system will automatically default to the new package if you do not have enough credits in the old package to cover a session. Example: You have 2 credits left (30 minutes) on your old ice credit package. You have purchased a new ice credit package and both are active in your account. Your skater skates a 45 minute session. The system will automatically default to the new package. You will need to alert the ice monitor or an administrator to ensure that stray credits are applied manually. This is a short coming of the system and we are in communication with the vendor to overcome this issue.