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Private Lesson Packages

Private Lesson Packages at Pleasant Arena

Are you interested in private lessons? Private lessons are a great way for skaters to receive one on one attention so that they can improve faster, learn more skills, or they can receive help with a skill that is eluding them! For skaters who want to become figure skaters, private lessons are a great way to start your journey!

To see if private lessons are the right fit for you, St. Paul FSC is happy to offer “Private Lesson Packages.” These packages simplify the private lesson process so skaters can begin private lessons as soon as possible!

Who Qualifies for Private Lesson Packages?

The Private Lesson Packages are meant as an Introductory Offer for first time private lesson students, and are limited to a total of 10 Private lessons. After the conclusion of the lesson package, the skater may continue with the private lesson by arranging the lessons directly with your private lesson coach.

To Qualify for Private Lesson Packages, Skaters:

  • Must be a Learn to Skate USA member
  • Cannot already be taking private lessons at St. Paul FSC

Please note: Private Lesson Packages are not available for campers in the Rising Stars Camp. Please contact camp director Melissa Jasperson to arrange private lessons during the camps.

Available Packages

Up to 10 lessons may be purchased using the Private Lesson Package. After those 10 lessons you will work directly with the coach to set up lessons. The Private Lesson Packages include the ice fee and the lesson fee.

  • 1 (30) min Lesson ($31)
  • 3 (30) min Lessons ($93)
  • 5 (30) min Lessons ($155)
  • 10 (30) min Lessons ($310)

*Private Lesson Credits Expire 90 days after purchase. No refunds will be given for unused credits.

Register for Private Lessons


Due to the popularity of our private lesson packages, please call Melissa at 715-410-1460  before signing up. Thank you! 

Once you complete the above application, the application is sent directly to the Private Lesson Package Coordinator, Melissa Jasperson. Please give her a minimum of 24 hrs to respond to your application during regular business hours Monday-Friday. 

If you have questions, please email Melissa at