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Accelerate Your Skills with Private Lessons


Private lessons are a great way for skaters to receive one-on-one attention so they can improve faster, learn more skills and maximize their potential. For skaters who want to become figure skaters and progress through both tests and competitions, private lessons begin this journey.


St. Paul FSC offers an introductory package for private lessons. This package simplifies the process for skaters new to private lessons. This introductory offer is for first time private lesson students.  At the conclusion of the lesson package, the skater may continue their private lessons by arranging lessons directly with your private lesson coach. Private lessons are scheduled directly with the coach and include both the coach fee and the cost of ice.

Private Lesson Packages

Up to 10 lessons maybe purchased to help determine if private lessons are the right fit for the skater.  The private lesson package covers both the cost of ice and the coaching lesson fee. Skaters must be a Learn to Skate USA member and cannot already be taking private lessons at St. Paul FSC. All lessons are 30 minutes in length and $31.00 per lesson.

  • 1 private lesson (30 minutes) = $31.00

  • 3 private lessons (30 minutes each) = $93.00

  • 5 private lessons (30 minutes each) $155.00

  • 10 private lessons (30 minutes each) = $310.00

*Private lesson credits expire 90 days after purchase. No refunds will be given for unused credits.

How to Register

Due to the popularity of our private lesson packages, please email before signing up. Thank you! 

Private Lesson Package Registration

If you have questions, please email email 



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