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Private Lessons

Accelerate Your Skills with Private Lessons


Private lessons are a great way for skaters to receive one-on-one attention so they can improve faster, learn more skills and maximize their potential. For skaters who want to become figure skaters and progress through both tests and competitions, private lessons begin this journey.

Private Lessons at the SPFSC


  • Any skater taking private or semi-private lessons at the SPFSC must be a member in good standing of a USFS or ISI affiliated Club. The SPFSC offers a variety of memberships to serve a wide range of needs. Visit our "Membership" page at for more information.  


  • SPFSC Coaches are private contractors. Any skater taking private lessons at the SPFSC must pay for their coaching fees and ice time separately. To purchase ice credits, visit our “Buying Ice” page at

  • Private lessons are schedule directly with the Coach. Please visit the "Coaches" page at and contact the Coach of your choice directly.

  • The SPFSC offers a wide variety of Learn-to-Skate classes designed for beginner skaters. If your skater is a beginner, please consider enrolling in these class offerings before seeking private lessons. Once a skater moves into private lessons, it is highly recommended that the skater continue with the Academy Class as an affordable way to supplement their private lesson experience. The more time spent on the ice directly relates to a skater’s improvement pace. 


  • If you think your Academy skater is ready to add private lessons, please contact the SPFSC Academy Administrator at to schedule an assessment for your skater. 


  • Lessons start promptly at the scheduled time. If a skater is late, they may take the ice for the remainder of their scheduled lesson time, but lessons may not go over the scheduled time, just because a skater was late. 


  • Most coaches have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please contact individual coaches directly to cancel a lesson, or with any questions you may have regarding specific cancellation policies.