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Summer Training Camps

Elevate Your Skating with Developmental & High-Performance Camps


St. Paul FSC offers a variety of developmental and high-performance camps to supplement your regular training program. Join us during school breaks or in the summer for week long training camps. These programs are designed to amplify your skills while learning from Regional, Sectional, National and International-level coaches.

Camps offer a structured day of off-ice and on-ice technique classes, conditioning and dance classes, mental training class, freestyle sessions and optional private lessons. Campers will take the same classes and skate alongside St. Paul FSC skaters, who include State, Regional, Sectional and National champions and competitors. Campers are invited to participate in our weekly St. Paul FSC Competitors Exhibition to showcase your progress to your friends and family.

Coaches are also welcome to attend with your skater.  Contact us to let us know you are attending and to request guest coaching privileges to coach your skater while at St. Paul FSC.

2020 Camp Dates-TBD


Registration for Summer Camp Coming Soon

Training Camp Structure

Each day (Monday - Friday) will include approximately 2.5 hours on-ice and 1.5 hours off-ice instruction. Additional lessons or freestyle sessions may be added for additional training. Additionally, the following classes are offered:

  • Off-ice jump technique class

  • On-ice jump technique class

  • On-ice spin class

  • Skating skills/edge class

  • Off-ice electric spinner class

  • Ballet, strength, conditioning or modern dance (each day will feature one of these)

  • Mental training class (offered once per week - summer only)


Freestyle Sessions
  • Two 30-minutes freestyle sessions included daily for practice or optional private lessons

  • Additional sessions optional - 12 hours of ice available daily


Optional Private Lessons (recommended)
  • Optional private lessons in Freestyle, Moves in the Field or Ice Dance from our Regional, Sectional, National and International level Coaching staff

  • Optional choreography lessons available for new and existing programs

  • At least one 30-minute

  • Private lesson is recommended daily

Specialty Training Options
  • Electric spinner private lessons* (see below)

  • On-ice harness lessons (overhead or pole harness)

  • Off-ice harness lessons

  • Dartfish video analysis lesson with certified Dartfish specialist

  • Participate in the St. Paul FSC weekly exhibition

  • Monthly test sessions

St. Paul FSC offers a dynamic training environment and cutting-edge training equipment.

Electric Spinner

St. Paul FSC is proud to be just one of the first three training facilities in the United States offering the Electric Spinner. Originally designed in Russia and adapted for the United States by U.S. Figure Skating, the Electric Spinner is designed to give skaters an edge in learning superior rotational technique and conditioning for jumping and spinning (availability is limited).

On and Off-Ice Harness Systems

St. Paul FSC features three overhead harness systems (one off-ice and two on-ice). The off-ice system specifically is used to train air position and rotational speed while the on-ice systems are used to develop jumps more quickly and safely on-ice.

Workout Equipment

St. Paul FSC offers elliptical machines, treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, TRX training and a dedicated workout/ballet/off-ice training room.


$595.00 per week which includes the on and off-ice classes listed above, plus two 30-minute freestyle sessions which can be used for practice or private lessons. Approximately 2.5 hours on ice and 2 hours off-ice are included. Ice time and group lessons are included in the Training Camp Package. Additional ice time or private lessons can be purchased at an additional cost as noted in the options listed below.


Optional Specialty Training Opportunities
  • Private Lessons $40/half hour (staff coach will be assigned based on skating level and staff availability. Specific Coaches may be requested and will be billed at their hourly lesson rate which may exceed this price. No guarantee is made as to the availability of the requested Coach.)

  • Choreography Lessons $45/half hour

  • Electric Spinner Lesson $25/15 minutes

  • On-Ice Overhead Harness Lesson $20/15 minutes

  • Off-Ice Overhead Harness Lesson $20/15 minutes

  • Competitors Weekly Exhibition $30/one program (Pre-Pre and up – available summer only)

  • Additional freestyle sessions may be purchased at walk on rate upon arrival



Q: Who is the St. Paul FSC Training Camp Program designed for?

A: The Training Camp program is for figure skaters of all levels from beginners to elite competitive athletes who want to take their training to the next level. We will customize a training program for you that meets your needs and training goals. We welcome Learn to Skate, Academy, ISI and U.S. Figure Skating member skaters, Skate Canada skaters are also welcome. Our week long programs are perfect for skaters whose own clubs don’t have ice in the summer.


Q: How is the camp structured?

A: Skaters participating in Training Camps will train alongside St. Paul FSC member skaters participating in the same classes and ice time as our club members. Every skater will receive a personalized training plan while at camp that is based on the skater's level and includes all the classes that come with the standard camp program and any private lessons or other training options requested. Camp skaters will be assigned a St. Paul FSC buddy who will act as their guide, introduce them to the other skaters, and be their buddy during breaks and relaxation time (adults are always present too).


Q: Why choose to attend a St. Paul FSC Training Camp over other camps?

A: The St. Paul FSC is the leading figure skating training facility in Minnesota. Led by Skating Director and International Coach, Ann Eidson, our Regional, Sectional, National and International level coaching staff has developed more USFS Gold Medalists and Regional, Sectional, National and International competitors, medalists and champions than any other club in Minnesota. St. Paul FSC prides itself on offering excellence at every level. Whether you are a beginning level skater or a high-performance athlete we can construct a program for you. In attending camp, you will experience private lessons, program choreography and pole harness lessons for learning new jumps. Additionally, we are the only club in Minnesota to offer the Electric Spinner—the latest off ice technology to teach jumping and spinning technique. The spinner aids skaters in developing body alignment and strength, improved quickness and reactions, and helps them learn how to make corrections quickly on the ice. This technology, developed by Russian figure skating coaches, is largely credited with the rapid increase in the Russians technical development over the past several years.


Q: What should I bring to the rink with me for my training day?

A: Skates, skating attire (including a jacket, gloves, athletic shoes, ballet shoes) a jump rope, yoga mat, water bottle, lunch, snacks, your program CD and a notebook/skating journal.


Q: Are parents allowed to observe?
A: Parents are welcome to observe the training day. Parents may view the off-ice classes that are held in the ballet/off-ice room through the window as space is limited and only participants are allowed in the ballet/off ice room during classes. All on-ice classes may be viewed from the bleachers or rink side tables. Parents are not allowed in the hockey boxes, on the side of the rink with the hockey boxes or in the Coach's locker room. Parents are not required to stay at the rink, however, it is recommended for those with children under the age of 7. Many parents drop skaters off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the training day.


The closest hotels are in the downtown St. Paul area and are within five minutes of Pleasant Arena. There are many hotels to choose from. Bloomington area hotels, which are near the airport and Mall of America, are within 15 minutes of Pleasant Arena.

For more information or to customize a camp based on your availability, please contact