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St. Paul FSC Academy



Growing Tomorrow's Champions!


      *WINTER 2018 Class Registration Now Available! Please See Below!*

*New skaters can add into Academy all year long! Don't be shy~ contact Academy Director Melissa at to get started today! 

St. Paul FSC’s Academy Program offers accelerated small-group classes that teach basic skating skills and competitive figure skating skills to skaters of all ages and abilities, including first time skaters!

To move skaters as quickly as possible towards their skating goals, the Academy Program features:

  • Year round classes!
  • Classes 6 days a week Fall, Winter and Spring and classes 4 days a week in Summer! Go to for summer classes! 
  • Flexible make-up policy so skaters never miss a class!
  • Classes can move around the entire rink to help develop speed and so Academy skaters become used to practicing with higher level skaters!
  • Progress at your own rate~ the more you do, the more you will learn since coaches teach skaters new skills as soon as they are ready!
  • Learn specific drills and exercises to breakdown the skills you are working on!
  • Basic skills level skaters will refine their basic skills, build upon them and learn beyond the basics so they begin jumping and spinning as soon as they are ready!
  • Freestyle level skaters will learn more detailed technique for jumps, and edges and will make their skills stronger to learn more variations of the jumps, spins, and edges they already know!

General Class Schedule

Tuesdays-Fridays 5:00-5:45 pm- 30 min On-Ice & 15 min Floor Class on our Spinner or Jumping Harness! 

Mondays-Fridays 6:40-7:25 pm- 45 min On-Ice Skating Class! 

Saturdays 12:00-12:45 pm- 45 min On-Ice Skating Class! 



Winter 2018 Session~ Monday Dec 4th- Saturday March 3rd, 2018

*No Classes Monday December 25th, Friday December 15th, & Monday January 1st, 2018. 

Mondays- 11 wks/classes               Tuesdays- 13 wks/classes

Wednesdays- 13 wks/classes         Thursdays- 13 wks/classes

Fridays- 12 wks/classes                    Saturdays- 13 wks/classes 

Spring 2018 Session~ Monday March 5th- Friday June 8th, 2018     

*No Classes Monday May 28th and Saturday Classes end on May 12th, 2018

Mondays- 13 wks/classes               Tuesdays- 14 wks/classes

Wednesdays- 14 wks/classes         Thursdays- 14 wks/classes

Fridays- 14 wks/classes                    Saturdays- 10 wks/classes 

CLASS PACKAGES (each Package is good for one Session at a Time) 

2 Classes (per week) Package: $390
3 Classes (per week) Package: $550

Online Registration 

~Please Note: New skaters may join Academy at any time throughout the year! Please contact Academy Director Melissa at, and she will be happy to help you! 

Step ONe

Register for Learn to Skate USA $13.25 (Annual Fee)
Learn to Skate USA is a collaboration between US Figure Skating and USA Hockey. St. Paul FSC is proud to offer the Learn to Skate USA program. Registration is just once per year and you first must register here before registering for classes at St. Paul FSC to meet insurance mandates. Once you register your membership will last through the end of June 2018.  IF YOU REGISTERED WITH LEARN TO SKATE USA LAST YEAR, THEN THIS YEAR PLEASE "RENEW" YOUR MEMBERSHIP! 

  • Click on “Sign Up” in the upper right hand corner.
  • Click on “Become A Member”
  • Click on “Skater/Parent of a Skater” 
  • Enter all of your information & pay registration fee 
  • Return to this page to register for classes with St. Paul FSC!

Step TWo

Register for classes with St. Paul Figure Skating Club!!

  • Create an account on our registration system!
       If you are signing up more than one skater, please make an account for        
       EACH skater. The accounts may share the same email, but they will
       require different passwords.           
  • If you already have an account, log-in and click on what classes that you want!  It's very fast once you have an account! 



Registration Clarification

You can register for 3 options: 1 class, 2 class or 3 classes per week. These options are below! 

Melissa Jasperson

Academy Director

Phone: 715-410-1460