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Board of Directors

The St. Paul Figure Skating Club Board of Directors is elected at the annual general membership meeting. The Board of Directors is charged with managing the day-to-day operations of the St. Paul Figure Skating Club and meets monthly to discuss topics relevant to the Club’s success. All positions on the Board of Directors are unpaid.



David Miller

Interim President

Carolyn Marker

First Vice President

Competition & Test Chair

Lee Gardner

Second Vice President

Marketing Chair

Karen Hartje


Finance & Special Events Chair​

Pam Carlson


Club Administrator​​

Lori Rothmund


TCFSA Liaison

Karen Meck

SkateSafe Chair

Development Committee Liaison

Jason Klapste


Membership & Volunteer Liaison

Jennifer "Whitman" Kelly



​St. Paul FSC is very proud of its members who serve in an official capacity with U.S. Figure Skating, including judges, technical panel officials, accountants, announcers, and music coordinators. We value and appreciate their volunteer efforts as they generously share their time and expertise both with the St. Paul FSC and U.S. Figure Skating.


Nancy Bizzano

Competition Judge S/P:  National

Referee S/P:  National

Test Judge – S/P:  Gold


Stephanie Culver

Competition Judge S/P: Non-Qualifying

Test Judge S/P: Gold

Test Judge Dance: Gold/Intl Cert

Lee Gardner

Competition Judge S/P: Sectional

Referee S/P:  National

Data Entry: Qualifying

Technical Controller:  NQ

Test Judge S/P: Gold

Test Judge Dance: Gold

Test Judge Figures: Gold


Sara Kastner

Competition Judge S/P: National

Test Judge S/P: Gold


Lynne Maker-Kuechle

Competition Judge S/P:  Sectional

Test Judge S/P:  Gold

Test Judge Figure: Silver


Jennifer Marker Johnson

Competition Judge S/P:  National

Referee S/P:  National

Technical Controller:  NQ

Test Judge S/P: Gold

Test Judge Figure: Gold


Cheryl Marker Schmidt

Competition Judge S/P: Sectional

Technical Controller Pairs: Sectional

Technical Controller Singles: Sectional

Technical Specialist Singles Sectional

Technical Specialist Pairs: Sectional

Test Judge S/P: Gold


Carolyn Marker

Accountant:  National

Technical Accountant: Level 2


Steve Masten

Announcer: National

Betty Meck

Test Judge S/P: Gold

Test Judge Figure: Gold


Anne Marie Murphy

Competition Judge S/P:  Qualifying

Competition Judge Dance: National

Data Entry:  NQ

Referee Dance: Sectional

Test Judge S/P:  Gold

Test Judge Dance: Gold/Int'l Cert


Greg Rouw

Competition Judge S/P:  National

Competition Judge Showcase: National

Technical Controller:  National

Test Judge S/P: Gold

Test Judge Dance:  Gold/Int'l Cert


Brigit Ryan Wallace

Competition Judge: National

Test Judge S/P:  Gold


Stephanie Zastrow

Competition Judge Dance: National

Technical Specialist Dance:  National

Technical Specialist Solo Dance: National

Technical Specialist Singles:  Regional

Test Judge Dance:  Gold/Int'l Cert

Test Judge Singles:  Gold


Mary Zastrow

Music Coordinator:  National

Development Committee

The Development Committee is a special committee appointed by the St. Paul Figure Skating Club’s Board of Directors. The Committee consists of St. Paul FSC Home Club members, alumni, or parents/family of members with diverse perspectives and an enthusiasm for the St. Paul FSC organization, its athletes, and the sport of figure skating as a whole. The Committee’s main focus is the growth and retention of St. Paul FSC membership. They also work to engage St. Paul FSC members in volunteer roles to support the various functions and events of the Club. With supervision from the Board of Directors, the Development Committee oversees and implements Board-approved projects and activities.

Junior Board

The St. Paul Figure Skating Club Junior Board was established to create a voice for the athletes of St. Paul FSC with a direct line of communication to the Board of Directors and coaching staff. Members of the Junior Board have a shared passion for skating and serving the Club community in a fun, welcoming and supportive way. The Junior Board helps to organize activities and events, volunteers at club functions and provides service to the St. Paul FSC community.


For many, figure skating is a life-long sport. The St. Paul FSC aims to maintain connections with our past skaters, officials, parents, and supporters. If you are a St. Paul FSC alumnus and would like to learn more about current club events and achievements, please contact us at

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

U.S. Figure Skating has developed several initiatives to address the need to become a more welcoming and inclusive organization, specifically for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC). These initiatives stress education, representation and visibility, and provide appropriate support to set up members of underrepresented groups for success. St. Paul FSC supports and values these initiatives. Our Club embraces the diversity of our ever-changing community and aims to be an organization open to all. The St. Paul Figure Skating Club and its Board of Directors are committed to providing equitable policies, accessibility, and open channels for dialogue as a part of its core values.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of U.S. Figure Skating/St. Paul FSC?

To join St. Paul FSC as a full or partial member, visit the St. Paul FSC EntryEeze website. Upon creating an account or logging in, the site should prompt you to make selections to purchase a membership. If you have any issues throughout this process, please email our membership chair and administrator, Pam Carlson at


What is the U.S. Figure Skating Membership year?

The membership year for U.S. Figure Skating and all affiliated clubs spans from July 1 through June 30, annually.


Can I coach on SPFSC ice if I’m not a staff coach? 

Guest coaches are eligible to teach on St. Paul FSC ice as long as it is not a session designated for “members only.” If you are interested in guest coaching on St. Paul FSC sessions, please contact Skating Director Benjamin Miller Reisman at to get prior approval. You must show proof of current coaching compliance with U.S. Figure Skating.


How can I register for group lessons?

Step 1: Register as a “New Skater/Family.” Note: Skaters with existing EntryEeze accounts and current memberships may skip to step 2.

  1. To sign up for Learn to Skate, Pre-School Skate or Academy classes, you'll need to access our club's EntryEeze page here.

  2. From the left panel on the home page, click "Apply for Membership" and then "Create a New Family Account."

  3. Complete the form inputting the skater's information and complete the acknowledgement of the guidelines and waivers.

  4. Click on the "Apply/Renew" tab near the top of the screen. In the center of the screen, you should see the skater’s name; click the drop-down box and select "Learn to Skate.”

  5. Follow the steps to add this membership ($17.25) to your cart.

  6. Additional skaters can be added to your account. A membership should be purchased for anyone who will be joining a class.

Step 2: Enroll in a class

  1. Log into your EntryEeze account

  2. Click on the "Contract Ice" tab near the top of the screen and then "Browse and Purchase."

  3. Click the blue "continue" button to the right of the option for the current season of classes.

  4. Scroll through the available classes to find your desired class name and time and click "Add to cart."

  5. You can now go to your cart and checkout. You will be asked to enter your credit card number, etc.


If you still have questions, please email


How can I sign up for an upcoming test session?

Non-club members should contact Test Chair Carolyn Marker at to be placed on the list. Test sessions are subject to cancellation if the minimum number of registered skaters is not reached. To view a list of upcoming test sessions, click here


Who can buy ice at Pleasant Arena?

Pleasant Arena is a Ramsey County facility. The St. Paul Figure Skating Club purchases the ice directly from the County and sells it to members to recoup those costs. Ice is sold through Entryeeze. Anyone purchasing ice must be a member of a U.S. Figure Skating affiliated club. If you are not a member of St. Paul FSC, please submit a request for a guest membership on the St. Paul FSC Entryeeze website. Your request will be reviewed by the Skating Director and, likely, approved. You will be notified via email when you are able to login to purchase ice.


How can I buy ice at Pleasant Arena?

Ice purchases must be completed through EntryEeze. Once you’ve accessed St. Paul FSC’s EntryEeze site, select the appropriate link that applies to you (i.e. existing member, guest skater, etc.). If you have not created an account previously, you will need to do so to purchase ice time. From there, select the ice time you wish to purchase. You may purchase by contract or by individual sessions. Installment payments are available if purchasing an ice contract. All individual sessions must be paid in full at the time of purchase.


What is the difference between purchasing an ice contract and purchasing individual sessions? 

Skaters will have the option to CONTRACT for sessions or to purchase INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS. The benefits of CONTRACTING for ice are:

  • Contracted ice provides a savings per session (based on type of membership)

  • Contract purchases are guaranteed for the date(s) and time(s) purchased                     

  • The option of 3 payment installations is only available for contracted ice buyers

    • 34% will be charged the day you submit your contract, 33% is due a third of the way through the contract and 33% is due at the start of the final third. 



  • All purchases must be paid in full at time of purchase.  

  • Session purchases are NOT eligible for the installment plan

  • The cost per session is more expensive

  • Session purchases MUST BE MADE NO LESS THAN 8:00 PM THE NIGHT BEFORE - no same day ice purchases will be allowed.


How do I find a private lesson coach for my skater? 

Please email Skating Director Ben Miller Reisman ( with your skater’s age, test levels passed, and general goals within the sport. The Director will review your request and provide suggestions based on the information provided. 

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